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    City of McKinney, Texas

Hardin 2 MG Elevated Storage Tank

Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, L.L.P. designed and provided

bidding and construction administration services for the

Hardin 2 MG Composite Elevated Storage Tank and Offsite

24-inch Water Line.  The project featured:


  Platting the 2.4-acre site on the behalf of the City of          McKinney


  Dry Riser Plan with Electrical & SCADA Conduit Positioning    Layout


  Dry Riser with Hand Holds and Foot Rests at key locations for       Improved Maintenance Access


  Wireless Communication Ready


  Column Diameter, Slab & Rolling Door designed for storage   of City Vac-Truck


  Tank Mixing System


  Logo Orientation and Specifications for Color Retentive    Polyurethane and Hydro Flon Coating System


  Standby Generator to Power Gates, Lighting, Security Features, Electric Valve Operator, and Chlorine Analyzer


  Three Level Chlorine and PH Tank Sample Lines Controlled  by  SCADA


  Ornamental Aluminum Powder Coated                                                                                                      

Fence and Gates with Split-Face

CMU Columns


  Irrigation and Landscape Plan


  Construction Materials Testing for

Concrete, Welding, Blasting and Coating


  1,500-LF of 24-inch Offsite Water Line


  900-LF of 24-inch Offsite Storm Sewer


Hardin EST Hardin EST Hardin Roof - JWB-PT Hardin Dry Riser 2 Inside Hardin - MH-PT Inside Hardin - Dry Riser

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