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North Transmission Water Line

Design Engineer:  Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, L.L.P.

The North Transmission Water Line project originated at the Dallas Water Utilities Elm Fork Treatment Plant and has three delivery points.  


One at the City of Lewisville’s Midway Pump Station, one at the Carrollton Bobby Ballard Pump Station and a stub out for future “The Colony” Pump Station.


The sewer sites of transmission line consisted of:

  • 20,090 L.F. of 54-inch RCCP

  • 11,490 L.F. of 42-inch RCCP

  •         6,330 L.F. of 36-inch RCCP

  •         5,670 L.F. of 24-inch RCCP

  • 15 MGD  DWU Meter Station

  • Upgrade an Existing DWU Meter Station






In operation since 2009, the $22,975,000.00 project was awarded the 2011 Environmental Project of the Year in the $10 million to $100 million category by the Texas Section of the American Public Works Association.


Route studies were completed and a route selected that ran through three major thoroughfares in fully developed Carrollton.  The challenges included coordination with the three cities being served, Dallas Water Utilities, North Texas Turnpike Authority, and a railroad company.  During design, the phasing of the work and the construction laying train was paramount in keeping two of the three lanes of traffic open during construction.

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